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◊ Displacement Type Float Level Switch

◈ Features
 Wide differential
 Fully sealed
 Easy maintenance
 Durable float
 Unaffected by liquid agitation.

◈ Application
  Displacement type float level switches are widely
used for coaltar fuel oil tanks, heavy fuel oil tanks,
setting tanks, sludge tanks, sewage tanks, fresh
water tanks, lube oil tanks, D.O, tanks, bilge well
and others.

◈ Operating Principle
  This level switch consists of compression spring, displacer and switch unit in which micro switch and magnetic are assembled.

  The operation is based upon simple buoyancy whereby a spring is loaded with weighted displacer which are heavier than the liquid.

  Immersion of the displacers in the liquid results in buoyancy force change, which moves the spring upward. simultaneously, the spring is retracted of extended and attraction sleeve moves upward into the field of external magnet in the switch unit.

  The contact of micro switch is changed by magnetic force as the attraction sleeve is in
the field of magnet point force.

  This principle allows adjustment of the switching point by moving the displacer along the guide pipe.

◈ Model Classification and Spercification

Model DLS-□1A DLS-□1C DLS-□2A DLS-□2C DLS-□3AC DLS-□3CA
Main Application High or
High or
Low control
High or
Low alarm
High or
Low control
High or
Low control
High or
Connection Top flange type Top flange type Top flange type
Max setting range 220~5000mm 220~5000mm 220~5000mm
Setting accuracy
±8 ±8 ±8
Min. Sp. Gr 0.85 0.85 0.85
10 10 10
Max.Temp(℃) 180  150 150
Switch contact
250VAC 5A 250VAC 5A×2 250VAC 5A×3
Cable entry 15b 15b 15b
Material Housing AC AC AC
Flange SS41 SS41 SS41
Float SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Float chamber SUS304 SUS304 SUS304

 • Option Infomations
 1. Material (SUS304, SUS316) for wet parts including flange is also available on request.
 2. Cable entry of 3/4" (JIS F 20 a, b, or c) is also available on request.
 3. Non-explosion proof models can be used as intrinsically safe type joined with I.S
 4. Please consult with our factory when the other press./temp. is required