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◊ Vertical Mounted Float Level Switch

◈ General
  The MIBOO magnetic float level switches use standard switch componnents to satisfy
"special" switch requirement.
  The MIBOO level switches are engineered for the majority of extreme liquid level control applications.

◈ Operating Principle
  Magnetic type float level switches detect the liquid level and send out contact signals
of micro switch by ON-OFF action.
  A magentic action between two magnet fully separated by each partition wall is utillized.
One is built in end of the float and the other is attached on the switch unit in the ousing.

◈ Application
  Magnetic type float level switches are widely used for Heavy fuel oil tanks, setting tanks, Sludge tanks, Fresh water tanks, Lube oil tanks, D.O tanks and others.

◈ Technical Data
 Installation method : side mounting
 Max. pressure : 10㎏/㎠
 Max. temperature : 150
 Switch contact rating : 5A 125V AC, 3A 250V AC
 Contact form : SPDT/DPDT(option)
 Material : Float-SUS316, Flange.Body-SS41/AC

◈ Model Classification and Spercification

Application General liquid Widely differentia Hazardous area
10 10 10
150 150 150
Switch contact
5A 125V,
3A 250VAC
5A 125V,
3A 250VAC
5A 125V,
3A 250VAC
Min.Sp.Gr 0.78 0.8 0.78
Cable entry 15b (PF1/2") 15b (PF1/2") PF1/2"
Materia Float SUS316 SUS316 SUS316
Flange SS41 SS41 SS41
Switch body AC AC AC

  Option Infomations
 1. Material (SUS304, SUS316) for wet parts including flange is also available on request.
 2. Cable entry of 3/4" (JIS F 20 a, b, or c) is also available on request.
 3. Flanges of larger nominal diameter than the standard ones are also available on
 4. Non-explosion proof models can be used as intrinsically safe type joined with I.S