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◊ Self-powered Contents Gauge

◈ General

  The MIBOO SPCG Series Self-Powered contents gauges require no external power source for operation.
  The instrument are completely automatic and provide continuous indication of tank contents without the aid of batteries or hand pumps.

◈ Operating Principle
  The gauge consists of transmitter chanmber, capillary tube and indication gauge.
  The weight of the liquid column in the tank will be transformed into gas pressure in the transferred to the indicating gauge through silicon oil in the capillary tube that means the weight of the liquid column in the tank is directly proportional to the indication.
  In case of over or under-pressure in the tank, it is impossible to compensate the value of gauging.

◈ Application
  Self-powered content gauge is widely used for diesel oil, Lube oil, heavy fuel oil, solvents gas oil, fresh water and all no corrosive liquid.

◈ Spedifications
 Accuracy:±1.0% of full range
 Range(Tank depths) : From 1 to 50 meters
 Overload : 120% above maximum range
 Operating temperature
   · Indication gauge : -40 to + 70℃
   · Transmitter chamber : -40 to + 120℃
 Indication gauge
   · Mounting : Well mounting
   · Diameter : Φ150mm