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◊ Magnetic Type Float Level Gauge

◈ General

  The MIBOO magnetic float type level gauge has been developed to comply with the requirements of SOLAS.
  This type gauge is of good performance and maintenance-free due to unemployment glass so that this can be widely used for chemical service as well as H.F.O, D.O and frash water without limitation of marine and industrial fields.

◈ Application

  H.F.O, D.O, L.O, F.W, pertrochemistry instead of using the gauge glasses.

◈ Operating Principle
  Layer of individyal small piece of magnetic rotor, of which face half is colored red and back half white and can be turned each by each, (indicator element) is mounted to the front chamber.
  As the liquid level changes up or down, each magnetic rotor turns and shows white or red by magnetic force of magnetic built-in float.
  Once it has been turned, it remains as it is showing one of the colors until the reverse magnetic force of the magnetic float is effected.
  Consequently, the indicator rotors display totally red liquid part and totally white for vacant part.

◈ Model Classification and Spercification
Symbol  MLG-S MLG-T
Mounting type Side Top
Connection size JIS,DIN,ANSI 25A JIS,DIN,ANSI 25A 5K 100A or 125A
Measuring range Max, 5000mm Max, 5000mm Max, 2500mm
Press 5㎏/㎠ 120㎏/㎠ 5㎏/㎠
Temp 200℃ 450℃ 200℃
Specific Gravity Over 0.8 Over 0.69 Over 0.85
Accuracy +/-10m/m +/-10m/m +/-10m/m
Material Chamber SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Float SUS304 Titanium SUS304
Rotor Poly-carbonate Aluminum Poly- carbonate
Rotor ase Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Pleasure consult with our factory when other condition are required

◈ Optional Level Switch Unit and Level Transmitter Specifications
Description   Level switch unit Level transmitter
Module Reed switch Reed switch and resistors
Output Dry contact 4~20mA DC, two-wire
Contact ratinge 250VAC 0.25A N/A
Contact form SPST or SPDT N/A
Power source N/A DC24V
Accuracy ±5m/m ±1.5% of F.S
Material Housing AC AC
Transmitter N/A SUS304
No.of point Max.6 N/A
Measuring range N/A 400m/m ~ 5000m/m
Max, Working temp 120℃ 120℃
Enclosure Weather proof Weather proof
These switches and transmitter modules can be intrinsically safe by using the I.S barrier.
Please consult with our factory when other conditions are required
The scale board is optional item.