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◊ Cargo Tank Vapour Pressure

◈ Gemeral
  Vapor pressure monitoring and alarm system is designed for cargo tank pressure monitoring for any number of tanks.

  The system is developed to measure the pressure on main inert lines, pr vapor manifolds.

  MIBOO IN-TECH pressure transmitter is carefully designed to meet a harsh marine application for the tank pressure monitoring system in accordance with SOLAS II-2/59 amended in 1996, and vapour press-ure monitoring system required under 46CER part 39.20-13 of vecs.

  The system complies with USCG, IMO'S requirements for marine vapour emission control for tankships carrying oils, chemicals and liquid gas.
  The system has two adjustable alarm set points and the display show continuous the pressure on the inert lines continously.

  The vapour pressure monitoring and alarm system consists of vapour monitoring alarm panel, safety barrier, and pressure transmitter.

  The safety barrier is mounted in the cabinet to make the measuring loop(4~20mA)intrinsically safe(EEx ia II C T4)

◈ Gemeral Schematic Diagram

  Vapor pressure monitoring and alarm system has the function
  • Inert gas pressure display
  • Inert gas low pressure alarm
  • Inert gas high pressure alarm
  • External alarm(option)

  High pressure alarm must be set not more than 90% of the lowest relief valve setting in the cargo tank venting system.

  Low pressure alarm must be set no less than 0.01㎏/㎠.

◈ Techmical Specification

Power supply : 11.5~30 V DC
  • Sensor type : diaphragm or semiconductor
  • Sensor signal : 4~20mA, 2-wire system.
  • Intrinsic safety : EEx ia II C T4/T6
  • Ambient temperature : -40~ +85℃
  • Process temperature : -40~ +100℃
  • Protection : IP65

◈ Features
  • Easy installation
  • Simple construction
  • High reliability
  • High accuracy