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◊ Electric Pressure Transmitter Type
◈ Application
Ballast tank remote reading
Draft remote reading
Fuel oil tank remote reading
• Wast waters, wells, locks, rivers etc.

◈ Features and Benefits
With is high electrical and mechanical stability, pressure transmitter fulfills all plant construction standards.
Ceramic measuring cell-extrimely resistant
  to overload, alternating loads and aggressive
Support cable with hard-wearing conical seal
  on the probe tube and climatic protection in
  the pressure compensation tube.
Potted electronics with 4~20mA output signal
  and integrated overvotage protection.
Certified for hazardous area EEx ia.

◈ Operating Principle
  The ceramic measuring cell is oil-free, i.e.the process pressure acts directly on the
rugged ceramic diaphragm of pressure transmitter and causes it to move by a max, 0.025mm.
  A pressure-dependent change in capacitance is measured by the electrodes in both the
ceramic substrate and the diaphragm.
  The measuring range is determinded by the thickness of this ceramic diaphragm.

◈ Technical Specification
Principle : Converting hydrostatic pressure of a column of liquid into a level-L-proportional
Output : 4~20mA
Accuracy : ±0.2% of F.R
Supply voltage : 12~30V DC
Material : Diaghragm-AIOaluminum oxide ceramic
                 Probe housing-SUS316
Measuring cell : oil-free dry sensor
Explosion protection : EEx ia II C
Operating temperature range : -20~100℃

◈ General schematic diagram