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◊ Air Purge Type (EN-PN)

◈ Operating Principle
  Operating priciple is based upon the measurement of the hydrostatic pressure at the
bottom of the tank by injection of air or inert gas through a bubbling probe.
  The output pneumatic signal of the constant flow regulator is fed into P/I converter
and is changed to electric output signal(4~20mA) can be connected to C.R.T display
cargo system. Digital indicator, analogue type indicators, etc. or a combination of
these system.

◈ Features

 • Liquid level of measuring depth pressure is indicated for direct reading, and then the
   high precision is achidved.
 • The construction is simple and the handling and maintenance is easy.
 • 4~20mA output signal/2-wires.
 • Blowing valve is select type(change over type)
   So blowing is very easy.
 • Included stop valve at air purge head, other pressure is no need for line leakage test.

◈ Application
 • Ballast tank remote reading
 • Draft remote reading
 • Fuel oil tank remote reading
 • All liquids even viscous ones(molasses bitumen, etc.)

◈ Standard Specificatian
 • System type : One line type air purge system
 • Flow rating : 10~80NI/hour
 • Working temp : 0~50℃
 • Supply air setting pressure : 4.5㎏/㎠
 • 400m Max. distance of signal line and constant flow regulator
 • Signal line size : OD 8 or OD 10
 • Range : 1 to 40 meter
 • Output : 4~20mA, 2wire system
 • Power supply : 16 to 32VDC
 • Accuracy : ±0.5% of F.R(Option), ±1.0% of F.R(Std)

◈ Principle Digram

 The flow is produced by means of on automatic constant flow regulator, type which
 • An air supply filter
 • An air flow regulator ensuring a constant pre-set flow at the end of the sounding
   pipe in the tank irrespective of the supply pressure.
Gauge saver is used for protecting the indicator and pressure transmitter against
   over pressure.
 • The air supply valve is used for isolation from other channel without any influence.
 • The blowing valve in used for sending the full air pressure through the signal line
   for cleaning purposes.