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◊ Air Purge Type (pure Pneumatic)

◈ Features

 • Liquid level of measuring depth pressure is indicated for direct reading, and then the
  high precision is achidved.
 • The construction is simple and the handling and maintenance is easy.
 • Since no electricity is used, the explosion-proof measures is not neccessary.
 • With use of the pressure type high sensitive level swich, the signal and alarm of the
  preset liquid level can be transmitted.
 • Blowing valve is select type(change over type)
  So blowing is very easy.
 • Included stop valve at air purge head, other pressure is no need for line leakage test.

◈ Application
·  Ballast tank remote reading
·  Draft remote reading
·  Heeling and trim remote reading
·  Fuel oil tank remote reading

·  Cargo oil tank remote reading
·  All liquids even viscous ones(molasses, bitumen, etc.…)

◈ Standard Specificatian
 • System type : One line type air purge system
 • Flow rating : 10~80NI/hour
 • Working temp : 0~50℃
 • Supply air setting pressure : 4.5㎏/㎠
 • 400m Max. distance of signal line and indicator
 • Signal line size : OD 8 or OD 10
 • Range : 1 to 40 meter
 • Accuracy : ±0.5% of F.R(Option), ±1.0% of F.R(Std)

◈ Operating Principle
 • The Principle based upon the measurement of the hydrostatic pressure by probe which
   opens at the tank bottom.
 • The flow regulator ensuring a constant pre-set flow at the end of the soundong pipe in
   the tank irrespective of the supply pressure.
 • Gauge saver is used for protecting the level indicator against over pressure.
 • The blowing valve in used for isolation from other channel without any influence.
 • The air supply valve in used for sending the full air pressure through the signal line for
   cleaning purposes.
 • The output pressure of this constant flow regulator(Corresponding to the hydrostatic
   pressure at the bottom of the sounding pipe)is connected to the level indicator.
 • The indicator and constant flow regulator are built in inoterconnecting assembly ready
   for panel mounting.

◈ Principle Digram