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◊ Tubular Type Glass Level Gauge

• Tubular Type Glass Level Gauge


◈ General
  The MIBOO tubular type glass level gauge has developed to comply with the requirements of SOLAS.
  The gauge has been reviewed and in a suitable construction is accepted by marine classification authorities throughout the world.

◈ Application
  The level gauges are used on water tanks except for fuel oil tanks.
  But the tubular type level gauge, JIS F7212 can be used for following condition.
  - Fuel oil tank of which capacity is less than 1000 liter.
  - In ship with class notation "Coast Service" or whose gross tonnage is less than 500 tons.

◈ Model Classification and Specificatio

Model & JIS Code GLG-TB1(JISF7211) GLG-TB2(JISF7212)
Upper body type A R V A R V
Valve type Lower Shut-off Shut-off Shut-off Self-closing Self-closing Self-closing
Upper Vent Return Shut-off Vent Return Shut-off
Connection size 5K 10A 10K 10A(16A 10A)
Material Valve BC6
Glass HARD
Protertor SS41
Protector type K-type
Center to Center 325 ~ 3765 (mm)
Range of ressure 0~3㎏/㎠
Range of temp. 0~100℃